Document Storage

Document Storage

Storage Chief Document Storage Solutions offer state of the art document storage facilities for all kinds of businesses including financial institutions, legal enterprises and general industry business. Whether you are looking to store your archives, digital storage devices, files, confidential documentation or other important paperwork, we customise a solution to your requirements.

Safe & Secure Off-Site Document Storage

Even though we have moved so rapidly into our current digital age, the safe keeping of important documents will forever be a requirement for businesses. Ledgers, Legal documents, Accounting and company records need to be stored and kept secure. Most often these documents can tend to take up a great deal of space, that could be better utilised for staff offices and workspaces. This is where document storage is a fantastic option for any corporation that has a high-volume turnover of records and files. One of the greatest advantages of storing your documents with us? Everything is kept strictly safe and confidential, and you are able to request access to or delivery of specific documents at any time.


Why Storage Chief

Why you would need Document Storage?

We explore some of the most popular uses for our document solutions.

  • Keeping the team organised, productive & efficient

  • Improve document security and safety for your organisation

  • Increased opportunities by creating more office space

  • Increase work time by reducing time looking for documents

  • Sensitive documents that fall into the wrong hands kept off site in secure location

  • Legal Requirements to store and files safely for a period of time

  • Moving offices, business expansion & office renovations

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People love storing with Storage Chief

Penny L

What a refreshing storage service. They came and collected my household furniture and stored it without any hassle. Redelivered months later to our new home. 10/10!

Robert P

Top notch service with Storage Chief. Affordable, Safe and efficient! Staff were very friendly. I will recommend anyone needing long term storage to make use of Storage Chief.

Thomas F

What an effortless experience. The team were amazing, packed us up carefully, stored at their facility and redelivered when we got to our new office. Great value for money and premium service.